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© poster by: Magical Metamorphosis
Magical Metamorphosis

27.08 20:30 Elektriteater |
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[ TV show screening, performative action, nonmovement ]

Elina Masing’s new production works with the dissonance of reality as a conflict, examining the attitude towards what the consumer with a designed taste believes in. 
The spectacle is a presentation of a TV show “Magical Metamorphosis” through a naive-experimental strategy, emphasizing the apparent freedom of choice of an individual. The control over the events is denied, so it is unknown whether the participants and witnesses of the action are accomplices or victims. Regarding change, The Estonian Church’s webpage says that “thinking or doing differently does not necessarily mean thinking and doing wrongly,” but since the interpretation of the outside world is automatic and thus controversial, then black and white are easy to form. 
The main characters of the premiering show are two young people from Estonia, Sofia and Jaan, whose values are uncomfortable for a moderate field. Just like in “The Swan” or it’s Estonian replica, wonderful as well as absurd changes are taking place with the main characters. 

In Kafka’s novel, where such change was a man waking up as an insect, the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the creator (the author). In neoliberal society the concerned parties themselves will be left to deal with acquired identities. The producers who carry out the meeting of realities and also present it through a given perspective, remain unknown as do other errors of manipulation and morality. 
Director: Elina Masing  
Performers: Elina Masing, Liisbeth Horn, Sofia Redkina, Jaan Männima 
Visual and video artists: Aleksandr Mirson, Juri Krutii  
Duration: 2h

Event is in English!
Special thanks: 
Henri Hütt 
Taavet Jansen 
Tauno Uibo 
Kristina Jumankina 
Elisabeth Kond