Installations at Elektriteater
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20:00 supersocial

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Lobby of Elektriteater | free
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[Tɹænsˈmɪʃən] is an interactive piece which serves as a portal between Tartu and Tampere. Fusing technologies both new and abandoned, the communication one attempts to create at one end becomes nigh impossible to comprehend at the other due to the erratic nature of the failing devices. Depending on one's point of view, the piece could be seen either as an antithesis or inevitable endpoint of the "Zoom" and "Teams" period our world currently dwells in. 
Pietu Arvola is a musician, video artist and sound designer. Under the name Bereen Ondo he creates experimental music which combines modular synthesizers with electroacoustic sound sources and field recordings. His latest album, Unenkaltainen hämärä was released in spring 2020. His other recent works include multi-disciplinary pieces with video poet JP Sipilä and poet Olli-Pekka Tennilä. In the video art domain Arvola focuses on creating intricate textures by processing digital video sources and old VHS tapes through circuit-bent analogue machines. 

Olli Ketonen is a Finnish sound designer, cellist and new media artist currently studying in Sound in New Media Master’s programme at Aalto University. With a background in video game audio and electronic music production his work tends to be highly interactive and acoustically rich. Ketonen’s latest work includes GATEWAY (2020), in which precise hand tracking inside a wooden frame is used to control lush soundscapes. In his latest live performance in sound art festival Ääniaalto V a similar system was utilized to control an ambient performance combined with interactive graphics. 

Installation is taking place in collaboration with festival UNM Tampere 2020



The Light Installation

The Light Installation dares the poetry readings and traditional author-reader relationship, changing the performing act into experience. The poem becomes an installation, a room experience, relationship between light and darkness. The light is falling in the darkness, there is only the moment and the dream.

Hannes Einpaul is a sound and lighting technician and a musician, sound artist and field recordist from Tartu, Estonia. Hannes has been studying and working in Estonia, Reykjavik and The Hague. He has been working as a technician in Tartu New Theatre and he is the organizer of the ambient music concert series Kulgruum.

Krista Ojasaar is a poet, publisher and culturural manager, she has initialized and organized festivals as nagu Vanemuise Culture Street festival, literature festival Prima Vista, literature festival HeadRead, in addition organized National Reading Year 2010, literature summer schools, Grazy Tartu festival, conferences, seminars and ohter events. She is a member of Tartu UNESCO City of Literature council and is a member of organizing team in several UNESCO Tartu UNESCO City of Literature projects.