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© photo by: Bernibas Sapnis
Agnese Bordjukova
Childhood’s dream

27.08 19:00 Elektriteater | free

Each of us has some part of our personality hidden from us. From the very first moment we start interacting with people – the society – we start learning things about them and most importantly about ourselves. Gradually we realize that not all parts of our personality are desirable and trying to stay a member of the society one tends to deny those qualities of oneself. Those qualities are being suppressed and hidden. But they do not disappear. 
Jungians introduced the concept of the shadow – the part of our psyche that holds all those qualities we chose to deny. The shadow consists not only from those unacceptable parts of us that one could call negative but most importantly the shadow holds the vital energy, spontaneity and freedom we lost in the process of growing up. 

Solo performance ''Childhood's dream'' is the reflection of the personal past combined with beautiful curiosity of seeing the world with the eyes of the dreamer. Light, movement, music and live projections works together to create the story. 

Choreography, performance: Agnese Bordjukova (LV) 
Live projections: Elīna Valdmne (LV) 
Music: Edgars Rubenis (LV) 
Lights: Rainers Kornhubers (LV) 
Dramaturgy: Rasa Niurkaite (LT) 
Outside eye: Tobias M. Draeger (DE)

Duration: 30 min