26-29 August 2020 Tartu

A new international interdisciplinary arts festival Tartu Interdistsiplinaar will take place in the last week of August 2020 in Tartu Estonia. We will bring you events where disciplines are fused into one, where the audience can’t do without co-creating, where concert is not anymore just a concert nor performance a performance. The disciplines are evolving into something novel and the focus is on the change.

image, sound, text, movement, space/ environment, interactivity, technology, participation

The Tartu Interdistsiplinaar is a festival of interdisciplinary art that aims to bring together (1) artists and creatives whose activities’ results fall into the interdisciplinary category; (2) integrated interdisciplinary projects; as well as (3) collaborative projects that are interactive or involve audience participation. 

By fields, we understand humanities and sciences as well as different fields of art, such as literature, dance, music, performance, visual arts, film and theatre. The festival will offer a forum for experimentation with new creative combinations and innovative solutions via science, technology and art.

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